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Law enforcement and the military have proven that the presence of attack trained K-9 can be a deterrent to a personal threat. In this day and age of home invasions, robberies and kidnappings K-9 teams provide the ideal first line of defense. Rank investigations and Protection can provide the K-9 team to fill such a mission.

Rank Investigations and Protection

Rank investigations and Protection K-9’s are certified by and exceed Police Officer Standard and Training. Our K-9’s are handpicked and are the best of their breed. They are selected for their obedience, stability, search and protection abilities.

Our handlers are trained with their K-9 in order to form a bond and higher level of trust. Handlers are certified to carry firearms when requested. Our K-9 teams train weekly with local law enforcement agencies in obedience, protection, bomb and drug detection and search techniques. Trained to attack on command the dog is skilled in “call off” when necessary or with the submission of the perpetrator.

Rank investigations and Protection can provide professional executive protection teams that are augmented with a K-9 team. No matter if the detail is indoors or outdoors our K-9’s are up to the task. Rank investigations and Protection K-9’s are acclimated to long trips in vehicles or aircraft for the added level of protection.

Every employer knows the threat and reality of drug usage in the workplace. Substance abuse creates a myriad of safety and health concerns that exposes the company to civil liabilities. With the use of K-9’s the drugs can be detected and the employee dealt with. When employees know that drug “sniffing dogs” will be present at random intervals they opt out of bringing contraband into the workplace.

Local law enforcement agencies have realized budget cut backs and no longer can justify their bomb dog programs. This leaves the responsibility with the private sector to deal with bomb threats. Rank Investigation and Protection employees highly skilled and trained K-9 teams for this single purpose. Our dogs are specifically selected from hundreds of K-9 candidates to fill our rigorous training program. The dogs selected are not intimidating in appearance but have a high search drive.

Our K-9 teams are available for bomb threats, pre-event searches, corporate board meetings cargo and package searches and a myriad of other purposes.