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Aerial Photography

No matter if your case involves faulty roadway design or other liability aerial photographs provide an entirely different perspective of the scene. Ground level photographs are limited not only in scope but they are one dimensional. Obstructions such as trees, fences, buildings and other innate objects don’t allow the viewer to grasp the totality of topography.

Other times the area of concern may be so spread out that the ground level photograph does little to capture the entire scene.

Rank Investigations and Protection

Rank Investigations has commercial airplane and helicopter pilots on staff. Our pilots have thousands of flight hours to their credit. All of our aerial staff are experienced with thousands of aerial photographs and years of accident investigation. We don’t just launch aircraft and start shooting pictures hoping that we get the shot. We know the relevance of specifics and how they apply to your case.
With the use of top of the line digital photographic equipment we can enhance your case with professional photographs that depict your cases concerns.

By using a television camera mounted on the front of the helicopter we capture broadcast quality video of any location. We have utilized this method both at night and daylight. In one case we depicted a vehicle traveling down a rural road at night and showed that a faulty roadway design was the cause of the collision. This is just one example of several applications involving aerial still photos and video.

The two photographs you see graphically show the benefits of aerial photographs when used in combination with ground photos.