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    Rank Investigations and Protection PI# 188960

Crash Data Retrieval

Rank Investigations is certified to download and analyze the data from select models of General Motors (GM) and Ford vehicles using the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System.

We use the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System to download pre-and post-crash data from the vehicle's airbag control module to a laptop computer. This method is used in conjunction with traditional methods to determine impact speed. However, the Crash Data Retrieval System (CDR) does provide information unattainable from conventional methods. Please see the Crash Data Retrieval Web Site for more information.

"The Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System, sets the standard for accurate and reliable products designed to help professional accident reconstructionists, law enforcement, the insurance industry, and others do their jobs better and faster.