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Data Research and Witness Location

Reliable and competent research of databases is a very cost effective method for obtaining preliminary information. The reliability and legality of the information is of utmost importance for the experienced researcher or investigator.

Realizing the full potential of databases takes considerable experience. Analysis of information is critical in determining the importance of the data. And, the best database cannot replace a seasoned investigator physically checking information from database leads.

Rank Investigations subscribes to a number of diversified professional database services including Department of Motor Vehicles for many states. In addition to Witness or person locating services we offer comprehensive asset searches in cases where a judgment has been entered.

Caution must be used in accessing information that can reasonably be interpreted as private. There are many privacy and business protection laws governing access to information. Rank Investigations uses databases and information responsibly in support of its various assignments. While information from database sources used by us is deemed reliable, the results are not guaranteed.

Rank Investigations and Protection

Our investigators and researchers know which databases to and when to use them to complement the assignment. The information available would be of benefit to law firms, insurance companies, and corporate departments, such as Human Resources, Legal, Security and Facilities.