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As the number of people using recreational waterways increases, so do the number of accidents, drowning, that occur in such settings. This increase coupled with the influx of people seeking a watery repository for weapons and other evidence of wrongdoing has caused civilian companies to become more involved in underwater recovery operations.

Just because your item is at the bottom of a lake or river don’t despair. All is not lost. We staff PADI certified divers that have the experience and tools in underwater photography and search and recovery.

Underwater Search and Recovery Steve Rank
Diver searches for evidence with underwater video camera

No matter if it is a vehicle or smaller we have the devices to enhance a successful recovery.
We put an underwater team together based on the needs of your project whether it is a two person team to recover an item of jewelry or a much larger project.

Our recovery teams are comprised of divers that can handle cold water (Dry suits), or high altitude fresh-water.

 We have surface support craft from inflatable boats and small craft designed for diving support teams or we have access to larger boats, as the project demands.

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