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Prospective employee background screening has become standard practice for many industries. Companies realize the importance of knowing the history and character of potential new hires, and are looking for cost effective ways to minimize negligent hiring risk. Conducting a thorough background investigation is an effective way to accomplish both. Performing pre-employment background investigations is of major importance in demonstrating proper due diligence and further safeguards your organization.

Background screening helps establish that candidates are qualified for the position for which they have applied, and also assist you in assessing a candidates character and integrity. A background investigation can help you better ensure the person you're hiring is who they claim to be,and doesn't have a criminal record that may disqualify them from being hired. It also establishes a work history with which you are comfortable.

The services that are offered by many background companies on the Internet are inadequate and do not conduct the in-depth and detailed investigations that provide a complete summary of the applicants entire criminal, work, and personal history. A simple Internet search will not reveal potential costly warning signs such as histories of absenteeism, poor work performance, or character issues. These issues are discovered through personal interviews and well-established investigative techniques in addition to data-base searches.

Depending on your level of need, Rank Investigation and Protection, Inc. will assign your pre-employment background investigation to an experienced and POST (California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training) certified background investigator who will be supported by one of our experienced research specialists to provide you with a comprehensive, high-quality report. Rank Investigation and Protection, Inc. exercises extreme care in complying with the provisions of section 1786 of the California Civil Code.

Available services provided by Rank Investigation and Protection, Inc:

  • Criminal Records Check
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • Credit Check
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • I-9 Employment Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Records Search
  • Reference Check
  • Drug Screening Referral
  • Government Sanctions/Terrorist Watch List Search
  • Request Additional Services

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